Identification of needs, data collection
& Move pensions digitally

See how you can use Robo-Advice to collect data, identify customer needs and move pensions digitally

Take your assessment of needs to the next level

Retire your manual forms and data collection. And let Pensure deliver customer insights both faster and better. Our system collects data from Pensionsinfo, BBR, Tinglysning and the CPR register. And with our investment guide, the customer gets to decide on their needs, risk appetite and wishes for the future.

Easy and digital. Both for you and for the customer.

Get off to a good start with new customers

Welcome new business and private customers with a self-service solution that identifies their situation, needs and wishes. This will ensure that your advice is relevant from the start and creates value on the customer's terms.

Always in line with IDD, so the quality is as good as the customer experience.

Make the first meeting a decision-making meeting

With Pensure's needs assessment, you ensure that both advisor and client are prepared for the difficult decisions before your meeting. Whether you just want to update master information or it's time for a thorough pension check, it takes just one click to send a tailored flow to the client.

Then you can spend your time on the advice that really adds value.


Identification of needs & data collection


The customer receives links from you, for example via email, SMS or your customer portal.


The customer opens the link and identifies himself with MitID.


The customer answers the needs assessment, which consists of questions you define.


Customer responses are either sent to the advisor, to the CRM system or set up in an advisory report, which the customer is presented to live.

Make the moving process easy and straightforward

Give the customer a digital §41 experience. Our flow shows the customer which pensions they can move and where they may need to be aware of insurance or special rights. It's all presented in a clear flow, one question at a time, which you have the opportunity to tailor.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

Get rid of frustrations and wasted time

Say goodbye to cumbersome workflows and incorrect entries when your customer wants to move their pension to you. We've automated the transfer process, so both you and the customer avoid the wasted time and frustration of a rejected transfer request.


Move pensions digitally


The customer clicks into the customer journey via your customer portal or from a campaign.


The customer opens the link, identifies himself with MitID and consents to you downloading data from PensionsInfo.


The customer clicks through an assisted advisory journey, which ensures that the transfer request is filled out correctly, and that the customer gets to decide on essential topics such as average interest rates and insurance coverage.


The transfer documents are signed by the customer and data can then be injected directly into the EDI system.

Tailored integration with security in mind

Robo-Advice is 100% white label and can be customized to your visual identity. Our API sends data securely to your systems. And you decide if you want us to handle the integration or if you want to do it yourself.

Available components
You can help tailor Robo-Advice to your needs.
Choose from the components you need:
forms engine
& digital signing
White labeling
Investment guide & risk profile
intuitive functionalities
§41 screening & rule engine
PensionsInfo integration
Land registration, BBr & CPR
MitID integration


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