Holistic advice and case management

Take advisory into 2024 with a platform tailored for financial advisory

Get 360° insights into the customer's life situation

Holistic advice within reach. Holi provides insight into the client's entire finances and life situation, so you can offer the advice that is right for the client's situation.

Needs analysis

Use Holi as your one-stop-shop for advice.

With Pensure's Needs Analysis, you can quickly and easily spot the customer's unmet needs and execute a consultation. The needs analysis can be used by the advisor in a customer meeting, but can also be displayed 100% digitally so that the customer can easily and securely complete a self-service consultation.

Get to the forefront of customer needs

Holi gives the adviser the tools to spot when the client needs a pension check. With a single click, you can send a tailored flow if the client is buying a home, having children, getting married or divorced, for example.

This ensures proactive advice and generates additional sales when it's relevant to the customer.

Streamline your case management with Holi at hand

Holi provides the advisor with an intuitive case management system. Get a quick overview of both private and corporate clients. Create tasks and reminders for yourself or your colleagues with clear deadlines. Communicate directly with the client and send needs assessment flows with a single click.

Central management of data with employee groups and framework agreements

Divide employees into employee groups and assign individual framework agreements to each employee group. This ensures that prices and coverage can be easily updated and inherited - so that advice can be given on the correct basis.


Engage companies for employee management

With integration to Pensure's Enterprise Portal, you give payroll managers in a company access to enroll and disenroll their employees and share documents with you in a customer-facing UI.
Data is sent to and from Holi, and from there you can help define what happens when an employee is enrolled - should a reminder be sent to the responsible advisor, an automatic onboarding flow or something completely different?

Holi includes all the functionalities that a good customer management system requires
Employee groups & framework agreements
Create new fields yourself
Filtering & data extraction
Company portal
Integrates with other systems
Task & note functionality


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