"With Pensure's solution, we have ensured our customers a crisp digital user experience while saving our brokers time.
It's pure win-win. Working with Pensure gave us faster time-to-market and a more cost-effective solution than if we had done the development ourselves."

Teddy Holst
Pension Director at Honestus

An enhanced user experience for the customer and less wasted time for the advisor

Honestus wanted to give their customers a better digital customer journey leading up to a consultation. After all, why would customers need to go to Pensionsinfo themselves, download a pension report and send it along with a whole lot of other information that Honestus needs to provide the best advice?

The solution to Honestus' wishes was Pensure's digital needs assessment. So today, Honestus' customers only need to log in with NemID once. Then Pensure's system retrieves all relevant information and sends it directly to Salesforce, Honestus' CRM system.

This saves time for both the client and the advisor. Concurrent, security is enhanced because data is sent over a secure connection instead of in an e-mail. And of course, the entire user experience is aligned with Honestus' visual identity.

Position prior to the meeting

Honestus wanted end clients to be able to decide on pension issues based on carefully measured sets of questions prior to a given advisory meeting.

On the customer's terms

Customers can retrieve pension information via PensionsInfo, decide on investments, fill in vital life facts and wishes for the meeting with the advisor.


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