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Discover customers' needs, generate additional sales and streamline processes with Pensure's digital solutions.

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Digital solutions for banking and pension

Make the first meeting a decision meeting

Determine the client's wishes, situation and willingness to take risks with Zeus and prepare your advisors and clients well before the advisory meeting. Integrated with Pensionsinfo, BBR, Tinglysning and the CPR register.

  • Prepare the client and the advisor
  • Save time on information exchange

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Digital onboarding and needs assessment

Onboard and uncover the needs of new customers in line with IDD.

  • Smooth onboarding of new customers
  • Identify customer needs

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Generate customer insights
and additional sales potential

Provide the advisor with insight into the client's advisory needs and additional sales potential.
Get an overview of the client's needs before, during and after an advisory meeting.

  • Insight into the customer's need for advice
  • Insights into additional sales potential

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Move pensions digitally

Give customers a digital §41 process, minimizing manual processes and rejected transfer requests.

  • Customers can move their pension digitally
  • Save time on manual processes

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Create benefits for

The End Customer
  • Increases motivation
  • Removes friction
  • Increases customer loyalty
The Boutique
  • White-label solution
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Low implementation costs
The Advisor
  • Generate additional sales
  • Proactive advice
  • Minimize case processing time

Reliable solutions that are easy to integrate

Our solutions are easy to integrate with existing systems through our open REST API.

  • Full control over collected information
  • No-Code data collection through our webhook

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"With Pensure's solution, we have made a crisp digital user experience, while saving our brokers' time".

Teddy Holst
Pension Director at Honestus

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