Now much easier to transfer your pension to Nordnet

Previously, when a customer wanted to transfer their pension to Nordnet, the customer had to find and enter data about the pension plan to be transferred. This resulted in many errors and long processing times for several customers.

Correct data

The problem was solved with Pensure's digital solution, Robo Advicewhich could be tailored to Nordnet. With the solution, Nordnet built a digital moving guide that helped their customers make a digital pension transfer - easily and quickly.

Easy overview of what can be moved

Pensure could also perform an automatic screening of the customer's existing pensions. In this way, the customer could quickly see which pensions could be moved - and based on the overview, decide what should be moved.

Digital solution

The end product was a user-friendly, digital solution that made the moving process smooth and could be integrated into Nordnet's platform. This resulted in far fewer errors and omissions and thus a greatly reduced time consumption for Nordnet, combined with happier customers who also got a better overview.

This has really supported Nordnet's ambition to make it easier for everyone to take control of their own investments - also when it comes to pensions.

Concrete results

Via Pensure's solution, Nordnet:

  • Went from 70% error-prone move requests to 10%
  • Greatly reduced case processing time
  • A customer-friendly user experience with guidance throughout the moving process

"Through Pensure's solution, we have created a greatly improved customer experience in an area that customers usually find complicated and confusing. At the same time, the solution has significantly lightened the workload of our team of case handlers. In addition to delivering a reliable solution, Pensure has also been the perfect sparring partner for us."

Anne Christensen
Head of Pension Operations DK at Nordnet


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You can find out more by either visiting Nordnet's website here or click the button below to download the case as a PDF

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