Move your pension digitally

Take your customer experience to new heights with a digital §41 process.

Make the moving process easy and straightforward

Give the customer a digital §41 experience. Our flow shows the customer which pensions they can move and where they may need to be aware of insurance or special rights. It's all presented in a clear flow, one question at a time, which you have the opportunity to tailor.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

Get rid of frustrations and wasted time

Say goodbye to cumbersome workflows and incorrect entries when your customer wants to move their pension to you. We've automated the transfer process, so both you and the customer avoid the wasted time and frustration of a rejected transfer request.

Tailored integration with security in mind

All our solutions are 100% white label and can be adapted to your visual identity. Our API sends data securely to your systems. And you decide if you want us to do the integration or if you want to do it yourself.


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